Girona: Coleman Fuel (Benzina pura)

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Girona: Coleman Fuel (Benzina pura) - 30.04.13 22:24

I cannot speak Spanish, therefore I have to ask this question in English.

On May 31 I will fly to Girona from where I will start my bicycle tour. I am cooking using my Coleman stove, which is burning white gas ("Coleman Fuel", benzina pura). Of course I cannot carry this in my luggage during the flight. Therefore, I will have to buy a bottle somewhere in Girona. I already have sent emails to the two Intersport shops there as well as to Decathlon Girona. The latter has replied and informed me that they would not keep white gas in stock. The Intersport shops did not reply.

Does anybody here have a good tip for me? Do you know, where white gas can be bought? I am not interested in buying regular "gasolina" due to the additives, which are not really healthy.

Thank you for your help in advance!