a few days ago it has been impossible for us to cross the border from Bolivia (Avaroa) to Chile (Ollagüe) with our bikes. We have been forced to take a bus on the next day. As we had no food, water and fuel for the stove, we stayed in the bus until Chiu Chiu (about 35 km before Calama). Really a pity as the scenery looked very nice.

In my opinion this seems to be no official regulation, just the own rules of the sick border officer. He mentioned different reasons why we cannot cross the border with our bicycle (the road is not suitable for bicylce, too less money for Chile, the road is dangerous due to drug traffic...). We even have been refused to put up our tent there, to buy food etc. We have been treated like criminals.

It is possible that this guy reacts differently to other cyclists. It possibly could be easier to cross the border with bicycles when this officer is not charge. No se...

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